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My specialties include:

  • hidradenitis suppurativa dietitian

  • breastfeeding and lactation consultant

  • fertility & pregnancy dietitian 

  • infant & child nutrition dietitian

  • My services are available virtually through the HIPAA-compliant, secure platforms Go To Meeting or Google Workspace Google Meet

  • Offering Nutrition Coaching worldwide 

Presentation Slides

Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle for HS Course

  • Week 1: Introduction

    • Nutrition Basics & Nutrition connections (gut-brain-skin, immune system, etc.) & Journaling

  • ​Week 2: Lifestyle Approaches

    • Sleep, stress management, relationships, and movement

  • ​​Week 3: Fighting Inflammation with Food

    • What is inflammation, anti-inflammatory diet

    • Elimination diets

  • Week 4: HS Research

    • Food, supplements, and personal care

  • ​​Week 5: Putting it Together

    • Microbiome & tools to use for nutrition and identifying triggers

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  • Watch the recording of "Nutrition for Hidradenitis Suppurativa" 

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Course/Webinar Reviews & Testimonials

Very informative

How carbohydrates affect blood sugar was the best explanation I have ever heard

Your class has helped me to better understand the how and why behind the different aspects of nutrition and lifestyle changes. It's exactly what I needed to help me move forward on my journey!

Great information 

I’ve been journaling and eliminated foods that may be triggering and after three weeks, I was symptom free this weekend! Started doing yoga and now I’m adding foods back a little at a time to see if there is one that triggers more than another - mySymptoms App has been a godsend. May do a food sensitivity test to confirm.

Really helpful and thorough information on HS and lifestyle

Just want to say I’m thoroughly enjoying these even though been having to listen after!

So good

Your presentation is great, and the design is interesting, informative and well-put together

I have thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. Thanks so much. I really appreciate all your resources, knowledge and support!

Thanks for the holistic approach, Jillian, and the support from everyone here!

Thank you for the class it has been very helpful! And it was nice meeting everyone

Your course was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for putting this together. The information you have provided is invaluable!

It was a great group! Thank you and I’m excited for next week!

I really enjoyed the webinar series and found it to be comforting, informative and well put together

Dr daveluy testimonial.png

Very Informational, excellent session.

I love having a community to share things with.

Little puzzle pieces I've collected over the years finally came together. Excellent course!

LEAP Program and One on One Meeting Reviews & Testimonials
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