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Personalization is Best

Knowledge is power! It’s best to get your micronutrient status checked to see if you have any deficiencies. Then, you can personalize the supplement regimen to what you need. One comprehensive panel that checks 67 vitamins and minerals along with other tests is the Micronutrient panel by Vibrant America. This is the lab I use; I'd be happy to order this test for you! Also, you can ask your doctor to order these tests from a different lab. 

Blood Test

Shop Quality Supplements 

Why buy professional-grade supplements?

  • Because they are clean! My store has only professional-grade supplements, which means they are regularly checked for contaminants. Supplements are not reviewed by the FDA for safety and effectiveness before going to market. This means that they could contain harmful ingredients such as heavy metals (like lead!), contaminants, or not even contain what they claim is in the bottle! 

    • This is why I recommend that you choose supplements that are tested by an independent company to make sure that the bottle contains what it says it does and is free from contaminants. Your safety is worth the extra cost!

  • They have quality ingredients. You won’t find unnecessary “filler” ingredients here!

  • The supplements are properly stored and handled. If the product needs to be refrigerated, it will be shipped in ice packs for temperature control.

  • Bioavailability. This refers to the readiness with which a food or supplement is able to be absorbed into the bloodstream. A high bioavailability means that it will very easily and quickly be absorbed and therefore used in the body.

    • If you take a supplement that is in a form that is not bioavailable, then it needs to be converted into another form to become ready to use. This process is slower and less efficient. “Cheaper” forms of supplements tend to be in less bioavailable forms, making it harder for your body to use and in some cases may cause more side effects like nausea, abdominal discomfort, and constipation.

    • Supplements that are more bioavailable are typically gentler on the digestive system because they are easier to absorb. High bioavailability also makes it more effective because your body is more efficient in using it. For some people, less side effects and more effectiveness is worth the couple bucks to upgrade to a high bioavailable form of a supplement.


I have an online store to shop safe, quality, professional-grade supplements! Welcome to Fullscript. Take a minute to make an account. Once you enter my store, look for the products I have favorited for Zinc (with copper) and Vitamin D to help deficiencies common in Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Enjoy a 20% discount! Plus, shipping is FREE on orders of $50 or more!

Supplements to Consider for Hidradenitis Suppurativa
tl d 2000.webp

Purchase Thera-D 2000 or 4000 here

Vitamin D3

If you haven't already, ask your doctor to check your vitamin D level! In general, it is best to have your labs done before taking supplements so you know how much to take to correct a deficiency. 

Vitamin D deficiency is common, especially in northern latitudes. One small HS study found that all participants were Vitamin D deficient and supplementing with Vitamin D to a healthy range decreased the number of HS nodules.

Make sure your supplement is Vitamin D3-this is the best form!

It's a good idea to take vitamin D in the morning if you can. Some people notice that taking it at night can decrease their sleep. 

protocol vit d.png
Thorne Vitamin D.png

If you are not taking a prenatal or multivitamin with Vitamin K2, then make sure to pair your Vitamin D supplement with K2! These nutrients work better together to promote heart health.

Vitamin K

zinc p with copper.png

Lower levels of zinc have been associated with more severe HS disease. A few a studies have shown improvement in HS with zinc supplements for some people.


Taking zinc supplements long term can cause a copper deficiency, so it's best to take a zinc supplement that has some copper in it (15 mg of zinc to 1 mg of copper is ideal).



Omega 3 fatty acids have well-documented anti-inflammatory effects

Take fish oil supplements at breakfast for optimal action in the body.

It was shown in an animal study that taking a fish (omega-3) supplement gets absorbed to a greater extent at breakfast than at dinner, and therefore, it had greater impacts on lipids when taken at that time (study link). This was not a study in humans but could still be beneficial advice!

Fish Oil 

Purchase here


Collagen is another wonderful supplement to consider for HS 

  • Promotes wound healing (higher collagen requirements) 

  • Nourishes gut lining

Try adding this supplement to coffee, tea, smoothies, hot soup, gravies, stew, etc.! They best dissolve in hot liquid. Very cold liquids may cause some clumping. I recommend adding the powder to your cup/glass first and then pour liquid, mixing thoroughly.

VP Skin Collagen.PNG
Prenatal Supplements

Full Well Prenatal is my #1 pick for an optimal pregnancy nutrition supplement. 

Get it here! ​Use code "embracehealthnutrition" to get 10% off at checkout!

Pair it with the fish oil below to cover all your bases for critical pregnancy nutrients.  



Purchase here

Fish Oil is a great supplement for pregnancy for baby's brain development

full well no background.png

Prenatal Vitamin

Fish Oil 

Purchase these Fullscript supplements by signing up to my supplement store here!


Just click on my favorites to find the supplements listed on this page.  


Most prenatal vitamins are lacking in choline, so if you aren't taking the Full Circle Prenatal recommended above, consider adding an extra dose of choline to your day!

If your iron is low and you can't seem to get enough from food, consider taking iron bisglycinate. This form is gentle on your stomach!



Looking for a good probiotic for pregnancy? Check out my picks! One study showed that taking probiotics during the last trimester of pregnancy helped reduce group b strep for some moms. 

pro flora.png
dr prenatal probiotic.png


Ovasitol is a great product for women's health! 

  • Promotes insulin sensitivity

  • Promotes healthy ovarian function and egg quality

  • Supports hormone health 


  • Promotes skin health during pregnancy as stretching occurs and there are higher collagen requirements 

  • Promotes postpartum recovery 

Try adding this supplement to coffee, tea, smoothies, hot soup, gravies, stew, etc.! They best dissolve in hot liquid. Very cold liquids may cause some clumping. I recommend adding the powder to your cup/glass first and then pour liquid, mixing thoroughly.

daily foundational.PNG

Information on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your physician or healthcare provider to discuss your unique situation. Supplement labels carry the disclaimer that their statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and that the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Supplements can interact with medications and food so please consult your primary care provider and/or pharmacist before taking nutrition or herbal supplements.

I do get a small commission on supplement sales, but pass the majority of the discount onto you!

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